Guest Artist

Steve Smith

Tattooing Since 1978

Born in a log cabin during an indian raid...oops too far back!

I started tattooing right outta the navy in 78. I was hanging around The Ace and also The Masters of Skin Illustration, a shop near kettner and broadway. In the late seventies all the shops were in a five or six block section of lower broadway. When i got my first ink it was from "Tahiti" Felix Lynch at Master Tattoo across from the Greyhound bus depot near second. They moved down broadway the next year or so and took over the old Steamers Lane tattoo shop, Jack Massey and his wife had moved on and the new federal building took Master's old spot. My friend Jim Dennis, who worked at The Masters of Skin Illustration (not the same as Master Tattoo) went to work for Inker Ron Howell at The Ace Tattooing Co at state and broadway in early 78.

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