Welcome to The Ace Tattooing Co!

Our San Diego based tattoo studio is located in sunny Ocean Beach, right by the water.

We at Ace Tattoo thrive on tradition, provide high quality work, and are passionate about our art. Whether you want a custom design or you have an exact picture ready, our shop will help you bring the idea to life on your skin. 

Our team of artists are skilled and knowledgeable and they have a wide variety of specialties that, combined, cover the full spectrum of tattoo styles: black and gray, Japanese, nature, lettering, large color pieces, fantasy, biomechanical, new school and old school traditional.

We want our customers to have a great experience while getting tattooed and Ace provides a clean and mellow environment with gorgeous views. Take a deep breath, gaze into the sunshine, and start dreaming about your next tattoo.

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